崔國泰 (Cui Guo Tai)

崔國泰 (Cui Guo Tai) was born in 1964, the youngest of six children and in the midst of the Cultural Revolution. As his elder brothers enlisted in the PLA (People’s Liberation Army), Cui stayed behind in his hometown Liaozhong, of Liaoning Province, and began elementary school in 1972. At the young age of eight, Cui began drawing aircrafts, trains, and ships, planting the seeds of what would define his future aesthetic and subjects. Between the years of 1981 and 1999, Cui attended Shenyang Normal University majoring in Fine Arts and taught in Shenyang at the Shenyang Mining Bureau Middle School, continued his schooling at Northeast Normal University in Fine Arts, and went on to graduate at the top of his class from the Central Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of professor Yuan Yunsheng. By 2000, Cui enrolled as a PHD student in the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and had his first exhibition ‘Inner Madman’ at the National Art Museum of China, which was made up of figurative paintings inspired by his own spiritual journey as an artist.

The years following his first exhibition, the primary focus of Cui’s subject matter has been dedicated to mechanical decay and historical references to the tumultuous time in which he spent his youth in China. Cui’s preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. Using a distinct painterly style, he paints with thick, quick, and confident brushstrokes to create heavily texturized images, both natural and industrial. Most of Cui’s work has been shown primarily at White Box Gallery in Beijing and at Alexander Ochs Gallery in Berlin, with group shows in both China and San Francisco.