邓翱 (Deng Ao)

邓翱 (Deng Ao), born in a small village outside of Hangzhou, China, graduated from China’s Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in Design Advertising. She continued her studies at the Beijing Film Academy earning a graduate degree in Film Studies. Despite having spent most of her life working in graphic design and film mediums, Deng also paints as an emotional outlet. As an individual, Deng has always been quite private and closed off, spending most of her time between her apartment/studio outside of Beijing and in rural Hangzhou. Rather than using a journal to catalog her thoughts and musings, Deng’s abstract paintings portray her innermost desires, inconsolable sorrows, femininity, and the human condition.

Her working process for her abstract paintings consists of layering various shades of thick oil paint, scraping parts away with a knife, then blending in areas, yet also containing them within defined shapes. Her more realistic subjects take on the form of water lilies. In these works, Deng gives life to the lilies through her use of vibrant colors, as well as layering various translucent and opaque colors on top of one another to create a sense of space. Deng’s ability to work in these two forms of painting allows her to float between her conscious self making sense of her inner-most thoughts and being sensitive to the ethereal, yet simple beauty of the water lily.