Eileen Noonan

Eileen Noonan is a self-taught artist, functioning outside of the realm of mainstream art. In the past, she produced work purely for herself and loved ones. However, her vision and style changed drastically when an event occurred so ground-shaking, it not only changed her art practice, but her complete outlook on life. Noonan describes that the impetus for change began when she was overcome with a furious desire to express human emotion outside of the confines of realistic forms, or energy rather, what she now perceives as real forms in an unseen world. This drive thus began the metamorphosis of her work in a direction that pulled her towards abstraction. Each stroke of brush, chunk of color, and exploration of a new utensil or medium evokes in her viewers a genuine and pure sense of emotion becoming as tangible as it can in our real world, allowing mystery and curiosity in its most authentic form to unfold without boundaries in true Art Brut fashion.