Solo Exhibition: Eileen Noonan

Dates: February 3rd- March 13th

Reception: Friday February 3rd, 6-9 PM

“A work of art is only of interest, in my opinion, when it is an immediate and direct projection of what is happening in the depth of a person’s being… It is my belief that only in this Art Brut can we find the natural and normal processes of artistic creation in their pure and elementary state.”

– Jean Dubuffet, Prospectus et tous écrits suivants, 1967

Glass Rice is proud to present Eileen Noonan’s first solo exhibition ‘Curious’, a series of abstract paintings Noonan has created over the past year. She is a self-taught artist, functioning outside of the realm of mainstream art, producing work in the past first and foremost for herself and loved ones. However, her vision and style changed drastically when she began this series after an event so ground-shaking, it not only changed her art practice, but her complete outlook on life. Noonan describes that the impetus for change began when she was overcome with a furious desire to express human emotion outside of the confines of realistic forms, or energy rather, what she now perceives as real forms in an unseen world. This drive thus began the metamorphosis of her work in a direction that pulled her towards abstraction. Each stroke of brush, chunk of color, and exploration of a new utensil or medium evokes in her viewers a genuine and pure sense of emotion becoming as tangible as it can in our real world, allowing mystery and curiosity in its most authentic form to unfold without boundaries in true Art Brut fashion.

The title Curious describes the force of energy that has brought her to where she is today, forming a new vision and perspective on life; each painting a manifestation of just that. “In life you can start a painting with an intention, it can go elsewhere, it can have flaws, and it could end up in a totally different direction than you thought, but that’s the beauty of both it and life. The ultimate question is not the meaning of life, but what is meant to be the meaning of our personal life, this souls journey, purpose, mission…” – Eileen Noonan, 2017