Group Exhibition: Austin Leong, Austen Zombres, Carson Lancaster, Chase Newton, Daniel Valencia, Jai Tanju, Justin Albert, Katie Walsh, Michelle Williams, Nich Kunz, Rachael Sterner, Paolo Santos & Melissa Lewis

Curated By: Daniel Valencia

Dates: October 22nd- December 12th

Reception: Saturday October 22nd, 6-9 PM

Glass Rice is proud to present Living Room, a group show curated by Daniel Valencia. The words “living room”, in essence, expresses a sense of comfort and fondness. For this show, Daniel Valencia wanted to provide the audience with those exact feelings. By bringing together the works of 11 visual artists, with photography, screen printing, and quilting among some of the mediums, and fusing that visual experience  with two performance pieces, one interactive (Melissa Lewis’s site specific ‘Made to Order’ dances) and Paolo Santos’s poetry reading, Valencia is attempting to offer audiences a sense of the same familiarity their works evoked in him in this culmination of different works. There have been times where each artist has shown him comfort and discomfort alike. Influencing not only how he views the world through their lenses, but also pushing him to further define his own aesthetic and practice as an artist. A portion of these artists have never showcased their work together, so in housing all of their works under one roof, Valencia is bridging the gap between their varying styles and talents to shed light on how their works have provided him a sense of comfort. “Despite their differences, I believe these artists are storytellers through their practices, and that their stories are important to tell. When gathered within one space, I’m attempting to share with others what their work is capable of evoking and how it feels to be immersed in their worlds.” -Daniel Valencia