Yumiko Fujiwara

Yumiko is a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where she received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with concentrations in Screenwriting and Visual Arts. Much of her work revolves around tranquil and still qualities that are often unseen, drowned out in bustling urban environments. Born in Tokyo, Fujiwara moved to Johannesburg at the young age of two, to Mexico City at nine, to Rome at 15, to New York at 18. She currently dwells in Los Angeles, where the perfectly coiffed artificial qualities of the city inspire her to seek out unique, unremarkable moments that go unnoticed in a city where glamor and fame are at the forefront. By nature, Fujiwara herself is quite still. She stands at 4’11, barely 5 feet tall. Her size and quiet nature allow for her to oftentimes go unnoticed, easily slipping between crowds, observing people and nature from a different lens. Fujiwara will be pursuing an MFA in screenwriting at the AFI Conservatory in the fall of 2016.